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Not sure if this is a problem, personally, but it is in the long run. At the moment, I know and hate the .avi container, and the antique codecs that you find in them. Unfortunately, my work requires support of long-dead zombie codecs. If they're found on the Internet, I want to read them, and often I want to export in that form, too. Don't ask. It seems that the 64-bit and other changes have made the job of supporting codecs from 1981, the kind of multitude of codecs that live in the Windows 32-bit world, unless you count the aging Quicktime 7 with Perian. Perian has been my life-saver for three or four years, but the members of that freeware project recently announced they were stopping updates. I presume, for Apple, that supporting this soup of weird code is too much work to continue, and really is only important for geeks like me. Are there other free or cheap packages on the Mac that add support for codecs in Quicktime Player X?

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