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My church posts its podcast sermons each week to iTunes Store (they are free of course).  I would like an RSS Feed URL so that I can automatically get the new sermons in to Google Reader (or any other reader for that matter).  Is there a way to create such an RSS feed for iTunes Podcasts?  The church's website does not have an RSS Feed for this purpose.


I realize you can go the other direction, having iTunes subscribe to an RSS Feed (Advance, Subscribe to Podcast), but that is the wrong direction.


I am pretty technical, and I have searched the web and looked at things like feedburner, but don't see a way to do it.


Please advise if there is a better forum to post this in.




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    You do have an rss feed, or you wouldn't be in the Store. If you don't know its URL, go to your iTunes Store page, and control-click on the podcast image: choose 'Copy URL' and paste the result into TextEdit to save it. That's your feed, and you can subscribe to it in any rss reader.

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    Sorry - please ignore the above: that will get you your iTunes Store URL. (Comes of posting too late at night).


    Start again. Go to the iTunes Store: click 'subscribe'. Go to the Podcasts section in iTunes. Control click on the line for your podcast (not an episode) and choose 'Copy Podcast URL'. That is your podcast feed URL which you can use in any other rss reader.