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Does anyone know why I can't open Disk Utility after installing Mountain Lion?

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    Hi Novice1938! Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    Could you provide a little more info on what's happening when you try to open Disk Utility? Is it crashing (i.e. showing you an error message) or is it hanging (i.e. opening but not actually offering any functionality)? Or is it just not there at all since installing?



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    It doesn't crash. When I open the message is"You can't use this version of DU with this version of OS X.

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    Thanks for your reply Novice1938!


    OK, that's interesting. Do you mind me asking, how did you install Mountain Lion 10.8? Did you download it from the App Store?


    Also, have you looked in Applications > Utilities to see if there are perhaps two versions of the same program there?

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    Yes downloaded from app store, did look in applications> utilities only the one version 11.2