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  • Ehren Schwiebert Level 1 Level 1

    TonyPlack's solution for manually editing using Get Info inside of ARD is a nice way to resolve this issue that has been bugging me literally for years.


    Apple also has a well-meaning but ultimately unhelpful kbase article here:


    It's unhelpful because it uses the incorrect flag in the systemsetup command. The correct command should be:


    systemsetup -setcomputername name


    Having this command handy opens the door for creating a function to batch-rename a large group of systems, such as piping in the output of a "scutil --get LocalHostName" command into it (so your ComputerName actually matches up with the Bonjour Name).


    Does anybody know who to contact at Apple about getting their faulty kbase article updated?

  • jwillis44 Level 1 Level 1

    I have just made a change to my admin computer that seams to have helped.


    so as some above or elsewhere have discribed, delete out the computers in All Computers, run a scanner and re-add them.


    after doing that,

    BACKUP then edit the file /SystemLibrary/LaunchDaemons/

    under the ProgramArguments Section, add the string


    Flush Dns

         dscacheutil -flushcache

    restart mDNSResponder

         sudo killall mDNSResponder


    Seems that dns and bonjoure have become joined into the mdns service. the above string disables the bonjour part of it. see here


    I hope this continues to work for me and you.



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