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just wondered as a new user best way to store photos


i have at the moment all my photos in iphoto. is it best to just share the libary with aperture or dublicate it from i photo and have 2 indentical.

if i share it if i edit in aperture does it auto save in iphoto?

ive also brought pse10 and ps premier 10 is there anything i need to do to link pse10 to aperture?


thanks mark

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    You can open your iPhoto library in Aperture - there is no need to duplicate it, provided you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.2 or later. Any edits you do in iPhoto will be visible in Aperture too, and iPhoto will see the Aperture edits. Before you can use the iPhoto Library in Aperture you have to open it at least once in the latest iPhoto to upgrade it.


    See iPhoto '11: Use iPhoto with Aperture


    There are still some library items, that cannot be edited in both applications, see

    iPhoto '11: Some files work in Aperture, but not in iPhoto


    To be able to use PSE10 with Aperture, set PSE as external editor in the Aperture preferences (in the "Export" tab) and set the external editor format you want to use.


    When you want to edit in PSE 10, select the image in the Aperture browser, ctrl-click it, and select "Edit with ...". This will create a new original image to be send to PSE 10.

    After editing in PSE save your image. Set the preferences in PSE to save edits over the original, not to save a version. PSE will use the default extension "tif"; make sure it is "tiff" with two "f".


    Good luck



    P:S: A caution.


    The upgrade of an iPhoto Library to iPhoto 9.2 or Aperture 3.3. is a major upgrade that will change the library considerably. So be sure to make a backup of the library, before upgrading and experimenting with unified library.

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    Thanks for the help leonie


    All my versions are the latest so should have no problem there


    Thanks mark

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    Once the photo has been edited in pse and saved over the original file , does it then get saved back into the iPhoto library that aperture is using or does it save in apertures own library ?

    I take it the the original iPhoto file will stay as well as the edit.


    I'm new to photo editing and just don't want to lose the originals just in case my editing doesn't go well


    Thanks mark

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    Hi Mark,

    What Aperture does, when you use an external editor:

    1. it creates a new version with a new "quasi" original file from the version that you want to edit - tiff or psd, depending on your settings.This copy is in the same location as your original master image file. If your originals are managed  inside the iPhoto library or Aperture Library, this quasi original will be too.
    2. Aperture will pass this copy to PSE for editing and PSE will overwrite this copy, not the original.
    3. When PSE has finished, Aperture will/should update the Thumbnails and previews of the new version.

    Your original file will be not changed.