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I have a mid 2007 Macbook, and while its battery is not in fantastic shape, it was holding approximately 2 hours of charge running music and internet about a week ago.  In the past few days the battery has ceased to work at all.  I must have it continuously plugged in or the computer will shut off without warning.  It will also not turn on without being plugged in. Here is the battery information from the system profiler:


Battery Information:


  Battery Installed:    Yes

  First low level warning:    No

  Full Charge Capacity (mAh):    2555

  Remaining Capacity (mAh):    2492

  Amperage (mA):    0

  Voltage (mV):    12484

  Cycle Count:    562



I have also checked the battery health by iStat pro, it reads at 51%.  I have done the SMC reset numerous times to no avail, and left it turned off overnight, unplugged.  The battery is fully charged. Any help would be appreciated.