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When I go to create a new email and start typing in their address I get all of these email addresses that show up that are not in my Contacts list.  I want to get rid of them and I see in Settings, Mail Contacts Calendar there is a note that says "New contacts created outside of a specific account will be added to this account.   Can this be turned off someplace and if so then can I purge the ones that I are in the Iphone or Ipad?  Some of these addresses are from like hotmail accounts etc.  I don't want them on my phone which is why I never installed the indiividual accounts on the phone in the first place but only used the web service.


I would like to clear them out and stop them from coming in again.  How can I do this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Restoring your phone as a New device in iTunes is, currently, the only way to purge your phone of this data. Restoring from backup will merely continue to restore this data. Its either that or you live with it.