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I'm running an iMac with two partitions - one running 10.6 and the other running 10.7.


Two Questions...


I've kept the 10.6 partition because I can't find the procedure to move my Calendars from On My Mac in 10.6 to On My Mac in 10.7? Any suggestions?


Also, I've found the procedure for uploading an iCal calendar running 10.7 to iCloud. Is there a similiar process for 10.6 ... I ask because I can't "see" iCloud in the preferences panel in 10.6.

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    To move calendars from 10.6 to 10.7 use iCal>File>Export>Export...on each one of your 10.6 calendars. Then transfer/copy each one of the exported files to your 10.7 partition. Next double-click the transferred/copied files on the 10.7 partition, and choose an appropriate name for the new calendar. Events will be imported into the newly created calendar. If you do not change the calendar name, and already have calendars with the same name, any existing events will be merged with the imported data.


    iCloud and 10.6 are not compatible.


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    Ferd II

    Thanks for the quick response!


    OK ... so in 10.6 in iCal I export each calendar to the 10.6 desktop ... then from the Finder I move each calendar to the iCal folder in the App folder on the 10.7 partition ... then I go into 10.7 and from the Finder I double click each calendar which opens iCal and choose a name (I plan to keep the old names because the calendars I'm transferring have unique names) for the transferred calendar ... it will populate the calendar by importing all the entries ... correct?

    How will each calendar be named on the 10.7 partition during the transfer?


    Then since these calendars are now in iCal in 10.7 can I upload them into iCloud to distribute to all devices (10.7 or iOS 5.N)?

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    In order to avoid confusion, do not move them to the App folder...the Desktop on 10.7 would be preferable.


    When the exported files are on the 10.7 Destop, just double-click to initiate the import sequence.


    Since you intend to keep the same names, accept the suggested name which will match the unique names. All entries will be imported.


    After the calendars are listed "On My Mac," follow the procedures listed in iCloud: Manually importing data from Calendar or iCal to iCloud Calendar.