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Hey all,


My old iMac 24" desktop is still running 10.6.8 because I'm too cheap to buy RAM & upgrade (yeah, I know ... I should just spend the money).  At any rate, I used MobileMe and mac.com address for 10+ years and it stopped working yesterday. 


I do have a year old MacBook Pro running 10.7.4 which I was able to use to set up my iCloud account and use the iCloud account to send/receive email through the Mail program on that machine. 


So here's my question:  What's the best way to configure Mail on my old desktop running 10.6.8 now that MobileMe is kaput? 


BTW, I added my iCloud account as an associated account using the Accounts feature under Mail preferences and it seems to be working (although the little gear next to the account name is constantly spinning).  Should I now just delete the associated MobileMe account?


(Incidentally, I tried calling Apple Support but ran into a brick wall.  I've paid $99/year for my mac.com account for over 10 years, and the guys on Apple Support just couldn't help me, because my desktop is out of its support contract.  What kind of customer support is that?)


Thanks for advice or links to appropriate on-line articles.




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    If you can't get your mail to work on Snow Leopard after June 30, you might want to try one of these approaches


    1. Configuring Mail in Snow Leopard


    2. Delete your mail account from Mail preferences and set it up again using the Mail Server Information.


    Some users have apparently encountered issues using this information in pre-Lion set ups (I haven't), Roger Wilmut has kindly provided instructions for those who find themselves with this problem.


    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

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    Thanks Winston,


    I'm not sure what caused this problem with Mail.  It was working one day, then not working the next.  At least two people sent messages to my "mac.com" account and got automatic delivery failure messages -- and their e-mails were apparently lost forever. 


    When MobileMe "ended" I used my new laptop (running Lion) to set up my iCloud account and followed all the instructions to allow my MobileMe mail to keep working on the desktop (running Snow Leopard).


    The "fix" that worked to get Mail working again was to simply delete my MobileMe email account and set it up all over again using my @mac.com address in the Preferences/Accounts window.  (Winston's suggestion 2, above.)


    Mail is now reloading about 9,500 messages, but everything seems to working as before.