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Hi all,  just a general question.  I admit i did not search the forums yet.  Hopefully this little annoyance can be resolved.



When using safari on say CNN.COM i'll right click on a link and choose Open in new tab.  safari randomly disappears.  no crash warnings,  just gone.  I can open it right up and be fine sometimes all day.   This has happened to me about 5x since ML was released (i wiped my laptop the day it came out)


This has happened on a couple of different website at different times of the day.  only safari was running. No other apple apps have this issue.


I have a MacBook Pro from earily '08 type 4,1

i have only apple software on this machine

i do have adobe flash installed v11.3 updated today.

i do have lastpass enabled

i do have ad-block disabled


While i'm waiting for help from you guys i'll disable all addon's and try to remove adobe to see if that is the issue.  Is there any other steps i can try like delete .plist file or maybe even trying a new user profile.  I am a IT professional and am not afraid to get my hands dirty trying to get this resovlved.


Thanks in advance.


P.S. i'll search the forums too and if i see a similar post i'll remove this one.


Bill Siegfried.

Safari, OS X Mountain Lion
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