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    One week later and things appear fine. I still have the computer come out of deep sleep every now and then instead of sleep, but this may ba a software problem that will be corrcted (or not) in a future software update.


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  • jswahn Level 1 Level 1

    Greetings again,


    It only took a week, then the MacBook Pro 15" (early 2011) died completely. Change of logic board necessary. So the problems above may indicate an oncoming hardware problem.





  • Kreantos Level 1 Level 1

    I had also the problem that the System told me that there is no battery available.


    i was starting to wonder, when i realized that this is not a constant failure. sometimes it worked perfectly, sometimes it said there is no battery. but when it worked, the battery was working normally.


    so i opened the unibody and saw that there are two contacts from the battery touching the case. so i cleaned it from dust and the battery was working again as the contacts now again could close the circuit. it also fixed my problem that i had a kernel_task running at 300%


    so in my case there was no need to buy a new battery

  • kiras_demon Level 1 Level 1

    I know the original message was a while ago, but I am currently having problems with my computer recognizing the fact it has a battery. She is a Macbook Pro, 13 inch laptop, late 2011. No more MacBook warranty, but I have done any repairs on her myself, as needed. I like to think that I am fairly clever at repairs, and what I don't know, I research. Thoroughly. I am also very cautious about any time I need to take her apart, and use gloves, my computer repair kit, etc. With that being said, I’m no egotistical fool who thinks themself above any mistakes or need of help.

    So, I also feel the need to inform you that my removal of the battery came about because I was working on an art project, with my computer safely out of harms reach (or so I thought) when my bottle of India Ink (undiluted) got flipped off of my desk and flew all over the central part of my keyboard and left side of my trackpad. (Me and a good portion of my wall and carpet as well, but, priorities.) India Ink is thicker, and dries quite quickly, but it was still a few seconds before I had a chance to try and soak it up and turn my computer off and unplug her. So after externally cleaning it (since it stains very heavily even after seconds) I undid her back, and took her battery out (unplugged it, I mean), trackpad out to clean, and lifted the rest out to check the damage. It really isn’t too severe, considering, so I plugged everything back in and pushed the power button. And nothing happened. I tried again, still nothing. So I plugged her into the power cord and she finally turned on. Lights lit up, typed fine, but I noticed the fan was going at a very high, very constant speed, even without any heavy usage. I then noticed my battery has a large X over it, and if I disconnect her from the plug, she dies in less than a minute. I have tried basically everything, even the SMC restart and still nothing.

    I’ve no idea what is wrong with her, and short of buying a new battery, I’m not sure what else to try. Hopefully one of you may have an idea?

  • rock-mac Level 1 Level 1

    if you get a phillips screwdriver 00 size


    open the back of the mac


    you will see black battery connector in to the logic board


    just take out and put it back in


    close the lid and try charging afterward


    that should do it

  • idAvIdce Level 1 Level 1

    I never believed in retting SMC as it never solved my problems in the past. I did it for just in case and my macbook is running again smoothly! awesome

  • erik graham Level 3 Level 3

    SMC  reset worked for me on MacBook.


    Back story:

    1. Found cat hunkered down on keyboard.  Fan was going non-stop. Oddly, the Macbook was on login screen (I almost never see this screen as I have auto-login enabled).
    2. Shushed cat away, tilted lid at angle where he would not return.  Did not close lid completely and did not power down or put Mac to sleep (I assumed it would do that on its own after a few minutes).  Went to bed.
    3. The next morning the MacBook was still on login screen, fans still running.  I rebooted - full power cycle.
    4. Fans would not shut down.  Battery did not even appear in my menu bar (although I did see it once briefly with X inside).  Tried numerous restarts.
    5. Vacuumed keyboard and vents to try to clear any cat hair that had gotten sucked inside macbook.  Tried numerous more restarts and full power downs.
    6. Found this discussion thread. Tried the SMC reset ( Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) ).
    7. MacBook appears to be working fine.


    My theory is that the cat sleeping on the keyboard for hours caused the Macbook to overheat, plus whatever keys the cat was "pressing" non-stop for hours did not help.  For all I know, he was depressing the power button repeatedly as he shifted around.  Not sure how it eventually kicked itself out to login screen, but I figure that might be some sort of fail safe, or just 'lucky' cat on keyboard button presses. 

  • scimanfromdanapoint Level 1 Level 1

    Check your mag-safe port for corruption. After all kinds of trials, I found mine corroded with a green crud like deposit. Once cleaned, all worked. Strange how this caused a series of apparently unrelated issues, and though it makes no sense, cleaning the power adapter connection at the computer should probably be on your “do list”. My situation started one day when computer wouldn’t start and seemed dead, though it would start with power connected. Green and orange indicator lights seemed to work randomly. The computer would work when attached, though with a disconnect, it would die. Tried resetting pram and all the other tricks to no avail. Once cleaned, the computer not only operated (as usual while connected), but took a charge. I left it running to drain fully and then recharged it to be on the safe side, and all is well.

  • shrijisahebji Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there!


    I got exactly the same problem. I purchased my MacBook online from According to the original date of purchase (date when I placed the order) my one-year warranty was expired but according to the original date of MacBook shipped and I received to my address, one-year warranty wasn't expired. So I did contact AppleCare and online support but they said they go by original date of purchase and cannot help in this case. They recommended me to make an appointment to get it serviced which definitely going to charge me $100.00 ++++(it may need replacing battery). But... before following them I opened my Mac and just disconnected the battery without removing the battery or without taking the screw out ..... and I connected it again. After that it started working, everything is fine now. ALL I DID IS OPENED MY MAC, THERE IS A PLUG LIKE THING THAT CONNECTS THE BATTERY. IT IS JUST NEARBY THE RIGHT HAND SIDE SCREW OUT OF TWO SCREWS THAT ATTACHES THE BATTERY. I JUST DISCONNECTED THAT ONE AND CONNECTED IT BACK AGAIN WITHOUT REMOVING ANY SCREW OR BATTERY. THAT'S IT ..............  IT WORKED FOR ME..........  HOPE IT MAY HELP YOU.......

  • pgAesthetics Level 1 Level 1

    Can you explain more, about what you did? Did you remove the battery? What kind of Mac do you have (I have an early 2009 white Macbook with removable battery)? Where exactly are the screws, inside after you take the battery out?

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