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Once I upgraded to 5.1.1, I can no longer get iPronto Todo to sync with my Mac (OS 10.7.4). The iPronto website has no instructions.


I just upgraded to iOS 5.1.1 from 4.33. Before, using an older version of iPronto, I synced via wifi between the Mac Ipronto client and the iPronto app by tapping a sync icon in the app. But the latest version of iPronto deletes that and uses "iCloud/calDav." In settings, I inputed my ICloud user name and password, and iPronto then filled in the server, port, and Path. I turned on "use iCloud" and "Use SSL".


I went to the Mac iPronto sync preferences, deselected "use direct syncing". there is a box for entering the sync URL. so?? I put the server and path info gleaned from the iPronto Todo info on the iPhone (https://caldav.icloud.com/(path). Is that right?? I authenticated the user using my iCloud user name and password...


However, nothing syncs.

If I tap "Sync calDav Server now," on the iphone, nothing happens.

If I click on "Sync Now" inside the iPronto Sync preferences on the Mac, I get this message: "sync was unsuccessful. Could not parse truth data."


Anyone know how to set up iPronto Todo so it syncs between an iPhone and a Mac?

  • Dennis Hesselbarth Level 1 (5 points)

    I got iPronto Todo working.


    Merchon, the app developer, responded to my support email. I appreciate his help. Two steps:


    1. The old Mac app/preference pane, iProntoSync, needs to be deleted. That entailed using Terminal to make the library folder visible and then deleting the pref pane: iProntoSync.prefPane in the root PreferencePane folder.(iProntoSync used WIFI to sync with iPronto ToDo before iCloud)


    2. Delete iPronto ToDo off the iPhone and then reinstall via iTunes. Enter the iCloud ID and password in iPronto Todo iCloud/CalDAV settings, and tap "use iCloud." The app populates the Server URL, port, and path. Choose preferred setting for "Auto Sync Every".


    The spinning circle in the top bar indicates it is syncing with iCloud.