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Is it possible to buy iWeb '09 in order to create and upload a simple website to a server other than Mobile Me?

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    You can purchase it from an online retailer like Amazon.com


    iLife '11 [OLD VERSION]


    iLife '09 [OLD VERSION]


    the '09 is cheaper than the '11 & is the latest version of iWeb/iDVD you can purchase


    iWeb '09 (3.0.4) you can publish to an FTP Server or a local folder. ( With the built in FTP in iWeb you will end up with an address like "www.YourDomain.com/sitename/Home.html )


    I have been using IX Webhosting for several years with little to no problems "usually the problem was something I did" and they have been quick to solve any issue I have come across. The have plans that start at $3.95 a mo (USD) and their customer service is top notch.





    http://jeffnitschke.com/wordpress/2012/06/how-do-i-move-my-mobileme-site-ix-web- hosting-blog/



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    While you can still buy iWeb as part of iLIfe '11 for about $30, wouldn't you be better to spend the money on an application that is being supported and developed.


    A lot of the functions of iWeb have been degraded or made redundant by the closure of MobileMe and it can only get worse as time goes by.


    Quick n Easy Web Builder, for example, costs about $20 and can used on Macs, Windows and Linux.


    Combine this with some reasonable Hosting and you can be setup for a lot less than using an online website builder.

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    I have played with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder, Sandvox, RapidWeaver & I even have Dreamweaver. But, I really like the the ability to layout a website in a similar fashion to a page layout program.


    Now, I do like some of the features in Sandvox & RapidWeaver but, I really dislike how difficult it is to create your own design even for things as silly as changing a background image.

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    In a lot of cases, front end developers are given a photo layout by the designer. They lay out the blocks using CSS like this...



    The blocks are positioned relative to each other in this case.


    A similar responsive design is actually a lot easier to create by using percentage widths and "float"...



    iWeb does all this positioning for you but at the expense of a relatively large amount of code to achieve very little.


    The app uses mostly absolute positiong for the objects on the page and has to write inline styles for very div which results in a lot of extra of code.


    In more efficient designs, the bulk of the code is loaded from an external master stylesheet and the browser only has to download this once for the whole site.


    If you design an equivalent page in iWeb - similar to the first example above - you'll see just how much extra stuff the browser has to download by comparing the source of both.


    With iWeb, you can't design sites suitable for mobile devices. Most clients nowadays realize the need for a mobile compatible website and, if they don't, they'll soon get the message!


    Flux is the only drag and drop style app that I have tried that is any use for modern website creation. I didn't choose to use it as it has a large learning curve. I decide to learn CSS instead. If you use its drag and drop facilities, it doesn't create much more efficient code than iWeb. Its certainly a better proposition than apps like RapidWeaver and Sandvox.