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Apple is giving me the same problem with earlier version of Safari.  It stalls for MacPro whenever the wi-fi connection times out that require auto-join authentication again.


Once stalled, it will not make IP connections even after re-launch.  It is waiting for auto-join from wi-fi, but wi-fi never throws up the auto-join window.


SMC reset does not fix this stalling problem.  PRAM reset does not fix it.  Nothing would fix it, except re-boot MacOSX.


Firefox doesn't have this problem.  It will ask for auto-join and authenticate the wi-fi connection from the host.  Even after Firefox had made authenticated the wi-fi connection, Safari still fail to make any internet connection, and keeps waiting, and stalls.


The only way to resurrect it is to re-boot MacOS.


It is frustrating, because Safari and all Apple's software that relies on auto-join to make internet connections will fail and stall, not just Safari.  It is because auto-join thinks that the internet connection has already been made, and does not respond, even though the wi-fi host at the other end had timed out and disconnection the IP.  Even after the user (client) re-authenticates and logs-in from the wi-fi host, and obtained the IP address from the wi-fi host, Safari still stall, latching on the stale de-authenticated IP connection, and does not realize the wi-fi host had terminated it.


The system diagnostic log shows that the airportd process has already been associated by autojoin, when it was not.  That's the problem.  It was still associated with the staled connection, never released it, and never re-establishes it because autojoin never detected that IP connection was obsolete.


This same bug occurred in prior version of Safari before the update.  It was fixed by the software update on the MacPro.  Now, the same bug creeps back in again.


Apple engineers, please go back to your old note, and fix this old bug that had been fixed in the previous version.  Why bring back the old bug into the new version?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Try turning the modem off for about 5 minutes then turn it back on.


    If that doesn't help, Start up in Safe


    A Safe Mode boot takes longer than a normal boot so be patient. Once you see the Desktop, click the Apple menu icon top left in your screen. From the drop down menu click Restart.


    See if that made a difference...


    If not, open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder


    Type this exactly as you see it here:   /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration


    Click Go then move the com.apple.airport.preferences.plist file from the SystemConfiguration folder to the Trash.


    Restart your Mac.

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    The problem lies with MacPro. Safari has no problem with iMac.  Last time, in the previous version of Safari with exactly the same problem, Apple fixed the bug by firmware update on MacPro.


    It does not have anything to do with the wireless modem, because it works fine with my home wifi modem.  The problem lies with the authentication auto-join before the host returns back a valid IP logging into a public wifi, such as Starbucks, and any other public wifi that requires a log-in for authentication.


    The airportd deamon basically does not detect auto-join, and keeps waiting for a valid IP. Since you never even gets a chance to authenticate with the host wifi because there is not log-in pop-up window that re-directs to the authentication page, it stalls.  Firefox can detect it, and display the log in page, but Safari does not.


    Even if you authenticate using Firefox, if you time out, such as putting MacPro to sleep, when it wakes up, it lose the wifi connection, because the host wifi timed out and require re-authentication again. Stupid Safari still thought it was connected to a valid IP, but in fact, the IP was terminated by host wifi, causing the stall.


    If Apple can only fix the bug in airportd background deamon in MacPro that detects the auto-join or the drop in wifi IP address, then it would solve the problem.  Last time, Apple fixed it with a firmware update on MacPro.  But now, the new version of Safari reverts the old bug back.


    Safe mode boot won't do anything.  SMC reset won't do anything.  PRAM reset won't do anything.  It is a firmware problem with MacPro only.  It works fine with iMac.

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    this is what is happening with my iPhone 5.  I have to reboot the darn thing...not happy I went with iPhone!!!