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I cannot change any user account icons. Under the Default icons it says "No Items". Any new users are set up with a tennis ball with no other options. In the initial set up, there were a lot of choices. Now they're gone. It there a missing file?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Version 10.8
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    I never encounter this problem before. However, you can try to go to Finder. And and the menu bar, choose go and hold option key on your keyboard. Choose Library.


    Choose your HD and choose Library (Choose system library, not the User Library). Find User Pictures.


    Please check whether all default pictures are there or not.

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    What Mac OS are you using? This forum is for 10.6, your tag says 10.7.4 and also version 10.8.

    I thought of responding and then hmmm, maybe B Oliver has a different OS version and I may waste his or her time with irrelevant suggestions.

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    Thanks, roam. Yes, I put this post in the wrong OS. I was searching in any OS that may address the issue and was in thie wrong one when I decided to make the post. Incidently, nothing worked to correct this. I finally took it to the Genius Bar at our local Apple Store. This one stumped the Geniuses. They tried several things and nothing worked. We ended up wiping it clean and did a complete re-install. Only then was it fixed.

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    Thanks for posting back. A reinstall is dramatic but definately effective.