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Why does Apple BREAK functionality whenever they 'upgrade' the OS?


BEFORE i upgraded to Mountain Lion, iChat video worked fine.


as you can see from the screen capture, the camera and audio are detected (and working), but Messages thinks my iMac does not support video chats.


any ideas?


This computer does not support video chats.png

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Contact support or wait for someone who knows more than I do to comment. (shouldn't be long).



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    OOPS, turns out it was my DSL internet connection (i assume). i rebooted the DSL router and now the Connection Doctor (Messages→Video→Connection Doctor) reports that everything is OK, and Video Chat is working again.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 1.30.13 AM.png

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    If Messages is starting up at the same time sa the computer then start it separately.

    It will "read" the speed it can see at this time and "write" it to the .plist involved.

    At computer Start up the Computer is busy making connections itself and uses a large amount of your Bandwidth distorting what iChat or Messages can "See"


    Do a Speed test and compare this to what you think you should be getting.


    AS you say it can pay to try a router reboot if the speed looks a little low.







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