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        i have a brand new iphone 4s. recently while using my phone over wifi suddenly my phone got disconnected from the wifi. i checked in the settings and there saw that the wifi option was greyed out. i couldnt select it at all. it was like the option fir wifi was disabled. i couldnt go into the wifi option in settings to turn it on or off. this is big inconvenience for me. please help.


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    try to off your phone and then on it again. it should work

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    i restarted my phone several times, even reset the network settings but still it is disabled.

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    Might be a hardware problem.  There are some troubleshooting steps here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1559.

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    Resettings and restore won`t help. Take it back to Apple. It is a hardware problem. I had the same problem with iphone 4 and Apple replaced it with a used iphone. It worked again and after 2 weeks I had the same problem again. Still waiting for a replacement from Apple. I told them I want a new iphone now, not a dirty used iphone with scratches on it. These phones are very expensive and I want a good service.

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    Had problems with my iphone 5 prior to updates which now works perfectly thank god, but since updates my 4s will not connect to wifi, same problems as disgussed. tried all suggestions but phone will not enable wifi to swich on........ Apple need to make sure all is fully tested checked and confirmed before releasing updates, as customer service appears to be taking a step backwards and they only seem content with new customers and the latest handsets. OH well lets await a response from Apple and the next update to resolve one problem and cause another one.