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Yesterday I dropped my charger, but there was no visual damage. The charger was not from apple, but it did work fine. Before. When I plugged in my iPod, it instantly died. Nothing works, nor pressing buttons nor connecting to the computer. There is no visual damage, but it did get very hot the following 15 minutes after it happened. Well I know it is completely my own fault and stuff but I just have this one question: will replacing the battery fix this problem or is this un-repairable? If nothing will help, is there any way I can get a virtual iPod touch 3rd gen on my pc and put the back-up on it so I can get my contacts and stuff back? Thanks.

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
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    - You can make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store and hear what they have to say.

    - You should be able to get your contacts and calendar. Just log into iCloud.com.

    - You can get some data from the iPod backup in you synced/backed up to iTunes (vice iCloud) by:

    iPhone Backup Extractor for Windows and Mac

    - You can also purchase or borrow another iOS device and restore that device from your iPod backup. If you restore via iTunes, the iTunes library has to have all the apps in it so the app data has a place to go. The iOS device you use has to have iOS 5.1.1 (or later).

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    thanks for the fast answer.

    iCloud.com didn't work, I guess because I didn't set that up while I still had my iPod.

    well the iPhone backup Extractor is pretty useful, thanks for that. But I set a password on my backup (no idea why, but I did it). Luckily, I do know what the password is. But the program doesn't yet support password-encrypted files. I probably should start a new question for this, but do you know how to remove the password from a backup?