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I just completed migration of my Macbook Pro 2011 13" to Macbook Pro 2012 15" using Migration Assitant. Now Safari will not open. I have looked at the forums and attempted a recovery via startup (option R) in Disk Utility which did not help.


I then ran a full reinstall of the OS via Recovery which did not help. I even logged in as another user and got the same issue. I have also moved the Plist safara file out of applicatiions and still having the same issue.


The only thing I can think of is the user accounts (computer names) were the same, I had to rename the source before Migration Assistant kicked off. Could this be the issue?


I landed up deleted the orignal account which the Macbook created when I first logged in before I ran migration assitant, thinking it might be acting as a master and having conflicts. This didnt help either. 


Please help, I am out of options. 


Thank you