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I've got an iPhone 3G and after I updated my iMac to Mountain Lion I'm not able to sync notes between iPhone and mac.

My device doesn't support iCloud, so the only way to sync notes is iTunes, but in Mountain Lion there are no more options to sync notes in iTunes.

Does this mean i won't be able to sync notes between my devices forever?

I'm very disappointed because I know that my device is old but I'm not asking for new functionalities, and Apple removed one that was available when I bought the phone.

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2, iMac Late 2009, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Syncing Notes using iTunes is no longer supported on OS X v10.8 and later. Read more here:



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    My setup is like the same as the OP.


    I have just "upgraded" to ML, now to discover that one of the main useful features of my iPhone3G has been removed, that is, I can no longer sync my notes between my MBP and my iPhone.


    This is utter garbage Apple, I am really unhappy!


    You have  removed a feature from my phone that I rely upon daily.



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    It's because Apple, like most companies, want your data, cause that's what sells...why else would they move something that you control, to something that they control?

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    I don't want to trust the iCloud, so I want to sync my PERSONAL Notes on my iPhone (4) just with my iMAC (via iTunes), and not saved in iCloud.


    Yes iCloud is great for syncing/saving common data, but I want to choose what I sync and if I choose not to save in icloud than I want to have the possibility to save it elsewhere.


    Now with Mountain Lion it is not possible anymore to sync between my iPhone and iMac


    More and more companies are going to say/dictate "This and this is good for you!"


    Please Apple, take your Customers serious and let themselve choose what good for them is!


    Thanks in advance!!




    if there Apple-Customers who have a solution for syncing Notes between MountainLion and iOS please reply! (Thanks)

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    Yes, I agree, not everything is suited for syncing in the internet cloud.  Apple, please bring back the ability to sync via iTunes.

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    Wow! this is insane. I'm not engineer, but having to rely on an internet connection just to sync notes is completely out of the most basic logic, and in my opinion: it is plain stupid.

    This exemple shows clearly that industry is mocking users, by removing usefull and basic fonctionnality.

    I'm seriously considering to downgrade back my iMac to snow leopard, and leaving my iphone in 5.1.1 (removing google maps from the iphone, are you f***** serious ?!?!?)

    Do we have to wait for the iOS 6.1 to have basic notes sync back ? (6.1 that will run only on iPhone 5 of course ...)

    Apple is not the challenger anymore, so the company thinks it can do anything with his product.

    Well, see you apple, we had great time, but now you're the new m$ ...

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    My iPhone 3 still works fine.

    My Mountain Lion iMac does the same.

    So does my 512k MacIntosh.

    So does my Apple 2.

    And so do my wife's and my daugter's iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook, etc.


    I use Apple devices since 1981. I have been an Apple developper since this time.

    Since this time, I have used Apple 2 gs, Apple 3, Lisa, Macs, etc.  

    I am considering the opportunity to buy a newer cellphone and/or a tablet.

    I am now an internal consultant for a major company, using many thousands of internet - enabled devices in mission-critical processes.

    Part of my jobs is to give the advice:

    "It works, and it will work for the years to come. We can develop for it (and this is how to). We can rely on it."


    How would I consider recommending and buying Apple devices, if, for some cryptic motivations, this company now decides to disables it's devices features ?