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Ipod Nano (2012 model) Voice over error when listening to music, radio and/ or audio books.


Important Information

1) Ipod states that I have 2.2gB of free Space.

2) The unit has been working fine since purchase in May of 2012

3) I use it daily while working out



The last couple of days while listening to my audio book I am interupted by a woman's voice over message which (while the book is going) rambles through all the book titles I have on my iPod and closes with the message "Max music purchased."  The message usually starts up after about 10 minutes of listening and cycles through continuously once it starts.  The book or music I am listening to at the time is muted while the voice rambles through the 5 audio book titles, author names and closes with the "max music purchase" note.


Please help because my iPod is useless right now.

iPod nano (6th generation), Other OS, iPod nano 6th Gen