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Can anyone tell me why I always get the "NO CAMERA FOUND" everytime I connect my iphone or ipad to my macbook?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    The answer is in another post - this is a copy (Paraphrased):

    1. Connect the iPad (or iPhone) is  to the computer

    2. On you Mac, open the Image Capture application. You should see a list of devices in the left-hand pane

    3. Select the iPad (or iPhone) from this list.  Note that at the bottom of this pane is a prompt that says:

    "Connecting this iPad opens:"

    4. Change the "Connecting this IPad opens" to an option of your choice. I chose "No application" in my case.

    Thanks to Don Bullock Jr  - he deserves the points for this!

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    Perfect! Thanks.