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my letter in a crash report to apple from iphoto:


"lot's of bugs in ilife with the new OSX, gang! can't sort or edit my events, many events went empty to zero, and yes i have a large photo library. trying to resort again manually, and may have lost all of my Facebook shared events, which auto deleted many of my photos on Facebook. next OS release don't release it until you are sure it's all sorted please! safari is having issues with either certificates, or firewall issues, and half the time i have to quit or even reboot to get onto Facebook. also, sharing between sites seems to also give me the "invalid URL" message. very frustrating. i hope you are fixing these issues now. i have been checking daily for updates. sincerely, a mac user for the last 30 years (so ya know this is serious, as i have never written to y'all like this!)"


and if anyone out there has the same issues, i invite you to post here. apple reps, any suggestions? thanks!

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion