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I have a Macbook Pro with retina display (2.6/16/512) and it's just 2 weeks old. When i first got it bootup and shutdown times were pretty awesome (Below 15 seconds for cold bootup and 5 seconds for shutdown). Now after installing many applications (final cut pro, aperture, logic pro, adobe master suite [photoshop, illustrator etc.] and few other apps) my computer seems slow both when booting up (25 seconds) and shutting down (31 seconds), it doesn't seem right to me as the rMBP uses an all flash architecture and is supposed to be fast in booting up and shutting down. Now shutting down took longer than booting up (which is kinda wierd) and sometimes when shutting down the menubar on top is still visible even though the screen had gone to the white image. Can anyone provide any explanations or suggestions to remedy this issue? Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I'm having the same issue. As soon as I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I noticed a significant increase in my startup and shutdown times. People in other forums have suggested reinstalling ML, which I tried to no avail. However, giving that a shot can't hurt; it won't delete any of your settings or information.


    Sorry I can't be of more help, but if anyone else can help out, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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    I am experiencing the same problem - except my Boot time is over a minute!!!  - When I received it I was amazed at the boot time speed in comparison to my old MacBook Pro 17" - I've noticed the machine has become increasingly more sluggish when using certain applications such as Photoshop and  RapidWeaver.


    Reinstalling Mountain Lion had no real affect in improving the situation - I do have large Aperture Libraries - and use Creative Suite 5 reguarly.


    Would be happy for some advice on what maybe the issue. - I am bit dissapointed at this point - Spending that much money on a machine that I bought for the performance boost and now that has slowed right down isn't sitting right with me.

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    I'm sorry you had a bad machine, i've reinstalled ML too (like how afkeane suggested me to) but to no avail as well. I use photoshop, aperture and blender a lot so i figure it might be those applications that is slowing the computer down but i cannot relate to how these will affect the bootup and shutdown time in any way. I noticed that the bootup and shutdown times varies between usage and there is nothing much i can do to solve it. Maybe you can contact applecare and see what they have to say about this as a new machine shouldn't be like this and with your ridiculous bootup time i'm sure it's more than an excuse to initiate a replacement or at least a repair. Would like to hear from you again about apple's reply on this issue.

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    Hey guys,


    I just found a tip on another thread - and it solved my problem instantly!


    Quit all applications running - then go to the System Preferencs and choose "Startup"  - click on the Macintosh HD and choose restart.


    This should solve your issue - It solved mine!



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    Thanks so much, this completely fixed the issue straight away. We'll see if the issue comes back...



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    @edwardfromodessa's suggestion did work for, too. MacBook Pro 15" Retina here.


    I was experiencing a 30s delay until the Apple logo was showing up during boot.

    Next, I also was experiencing a high frequency beeping sound, exactly until the Apple logo appeared, which was kind of scary. Sounded like some kind of broken transistor. This is gone now, too.

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    Thank you. Immediately fixed the issue for 2 of our rMBP

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    Thank you man . It working good . my start slowest it 34sec but after i reboot Macintosh HD . everything go back the way brand new . thank again bro

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    this has fixed mine too, thanks

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    Hi all, i have just recieved my MacBook Pro 13 and need a couple of questions answered if possible.


    1. On cold boot should you see a loading bar under the apple logo on an SSD?

    2. I did a fresh OS X install which took around 45 mins to complete is this correct?

    3. What should be the average boot up and shutdown time on a 128gb SSD?

    4. What ahould the read and write be on average?


    Thank you for reading