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Jay Kappmeier Level 2 Level 2 (205 points)

I started working with Text Edit documents for the first time in Mountain Lion.   I found something a bit surprising but it could be that I am not properly saving text edit documents to the iCloud. 


I am using OSX 10.8.  I am signed up for iCloud and have the documents & data box checked in the iCloud Preference Pane.  Text Edit is an iCloud savvy document. 


I moved a Text Edit document into the Cloud by dragging it into the Open dialog pane in Text Edit.   Thereafter I could open it and edit it in iCloud view of Text Edit's open dialog.  


The surprise came when I signed into iCloud.com and could not find the document.  Apple's knowledge article tells you to sign in and click the iWork icon to access your files.   While I understand that non-apple files such as Word would not show up there I thought that text edit files could be accessed from the internet on any computer.  


Will only Apple iWork files appear on iCloud.com or is there something I am missing about how to save Text Edit documents show they can be accessed from ICloud.com?


Thanks in advance for your advice. 



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