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  • jpbuos Level 1 (10 points)

    I use text edit a lot when I'm just copy and pasting text for other programs and would also like to be able to access these docs on my iOS devices. But since I do have pages on all my macs and iOS devices its probably easier just to start using pages for everything in place of text edit. I try to adjust my work flow to utilize the power of the apps the way they are. As much as I would like to have one app do everything I need I find myself now having iWork apps on every device (awesome) working in iCloud. I have a google drive account for collaboration for editing docs in real time at the same time. I have a Box account to have the ability to email attachments to a folder and sync it to my desktop. Also being able to embed a file in a website. A Dropbox account synced to my desktop because it updates faster than box. Good for FileMaker Pro development. The point is all these apps have have pros and cons. All cloud based and all work great on my macs, iPad and iPhone. Try not to get to frustrated waiting for one app to do everything you want. Hope this helps

  • ZeroDuality Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with jpbuos. After spending about 10 minutes on the phone to an Apple Support employee, I was also directed to Dropbox which I use on my Windows system. Looks like I'll be installing it on my Macbook too.

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    A few people were lamenting over the fact that you can't share Text Edit documents over iCloud to other mobile devices, etc. Why don't you just use the Notes app? The documents all save automatically, and they'll show up on all of your devices that are set up with iCloud. Is this correct?

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    The solution that worked for me is at this link.

    Make sure Documents and Data is selected in Icloud preferences.

    Next, open the Finder window and hit Command + Shift + G. A dialogue box will open and inside. Type ~/Library. This will let you into your hidden Library Folder.

    Once you are inside, scroll down the Mobile Documents. Open the one that says: com~apple~TextEdit

    Viola! There are your documents! You can read them, whatever.

    Read more: Zo

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    is there a way i can open my text from textedit via icloud, on my iphone? Because i can see the files in icloud (Iphone), but i can't open them... I can only open them on my mac.

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    Wow, it's funny how I just didn't see that. thanks

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    You can paste the text edit doc into notes and at least you can link that up with I cloud and see it on the iphone or ipad.


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    Hey ThePlacesYouHaveComeToFearTheMost,


    I can see the benefit of your suggestion but like me, I have tons of documents over 500 of them over time since i started using a Mac in 2008. I document all problems and solutions about my experience using   products and it had proven valuable for me, my family, colleagues and friends that a lot of them come to me for solutions to you know, those little problems that are not that huge but makes the experience better and they get answers faster. Also for the big problems. My notes app is already cluttered with personally important information so it will not work for me. I've been looking for a way to access my    problems/solutions which i record via TextEdit on iOS so wherever I am, i can access it to troubleshoot a problem, whose solution i might have found a long time ago but forgot. So my own case is the fact that it will take forever to import them to Notes App although i've never tried. So it would be nice to be able to access TextEdit files on iOS.

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    Just reading this forum. You mean you can't access text edit documents in the icloud on the iPhone? you can only read them from another Mac computer with text edit ? If that is true that is that the gist of it?

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    *** is there nowhere to unsub. from this thread, I've no interest in it any more!

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