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The "Empty Cache" option has gone missing from my options and secondly everytime i log into a site where i have to punch my user id and password, a dialouge appears asking me to save password for that particular website along with other options "Not Now" or "Never for this website". How do i stop for this dialouge box to appear evrytime?


Also initially there use to be RSS visible in my task bar, now it shows HTTPS. I feel some changes have been done accidently in the settings of safari, can some one help me ?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Safari 6


    Empty Caches


    Safari > Preference > Advanced

    Checkmark the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".

    Develop menu will appear in the Safari menu bar.

    Click Develop and select "Empty Caches" from the dropdown.




    Safari > Preferences > AutoFill

    Uncheck the box for "Usernames and passwords".




    RSS reader feature is no more an available option.

    Check App Store for a third party app.



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    thanks a ton for the help, all clear now. can you also tell me what difference does it make if RSS is not available now?

    Since i am new to mac osx, i have been on windows for the last 12-13 years, is there anyway we can hide what we are downloading from the net and as soon as you open finder all your data is on display?

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    If you are a subscriber to a RSS feed, it updates you with regularly changing  web content


    news and other information.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS




    By default downloads go to downloads folder accessible by clicking the downloads folder

    alias left of trash icon on the dock.

    You can change the location if you wish.


    Safari > Preference > General > "Save downloaded files to"

    Click up/down triangles in the box and from the popup select "Other"

    From the resulting window pick your choice.


    Caution. I would leave it as it is.




    There is no easy way to hide Finder. Finder is very handy.

    But there may be ways to hide the Finder. I have never tried it. So I am not sure of it.

    Google it.