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Has anybody encountered this problem.  I am missing entire fields of information from many of my contacts on my mac runnning Mountain Lion.  On most of the missing items I am only getting their name and company with the rest of the information blank.  You cannot even go to edit and reenter, as the field will not come up.


When I go and look at my contacts in iCloud, all of the data is there. 


I have tried turning off contacts and letting iCloud delete all of the icloud contacts off the Mac, and then turning it on again, which reimports.  Same problem with no change.  The same contacts are missing the same data.


This is global on all my computers running Mountain Lion.  I have not encountered this in Lion.


Anyone know whats up or what to do to fix?

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    I forgot.  The information shows up in Adress Book on Lion, and on all my iOS devices.

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    I have something somewhat similar.  I have all information on my MBP running Mountain Lion.  Went to contacts on my new Ipad, and nothing there.  Rebooted, and just names with no information downloaded from ICloud.  Everything was there yesterday on both.

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    I add my new hotmail account. Contact address and calendar not sync not even one word upload, mail i can receive i deleted readed mail after one hour check in safari online the deleted mail still there


    Any and all guidance would be very apperciated

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    I have found the reason why about half of my contacts are missing all fields except name, title and company (the ones at the very top).


    It's because they have "United States of America" in the Country field (automatically entered by Outlook and probably the old Mac Address Book App, too).  This is the correct name of our country, Apple programmers!!  It IS NOT 'United States", which is what is in their new drop-down list of countries.  Apparently, if your country is not in their list, you won't be able to see any data for that person!


    So I had to go thru my whole address book and change the country name in order to see my contacts. 


    The way I did it was I logged into icloud.com, clicked on Contacts, searched for "of America" and changed them all to "United States".  At the same time, I had my local Contacts open and I watched them populate as I changed each country field.


    Try just changing one, and then look at your local Contacts (if it's syncing with iCloud).  It will magically populate all fields.


    I know that MacWorld put out an article on how to REPLACE ALL INSTANCES of something in Contacts, but I don't know where that is.  I'm sure you could go to their website and find it.


    Hopefully, they won't change it back and still require us to choose from the list of country names!  Then I'll have to change them all back.


    I had a similar problem in Snow Leopard with those same contacts, only I could see all fields except the address fields.  Lion fixed the problem.  Then Mountain Lion brought it back with a vengeance!

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    Suprising, but it worked.  I wish apple had checked ths one a little more.

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    stagelites wrote:


    Suprising, but it worked.  I wish apple had checked ths one a little more.

    Then file an OS X Bug Report.