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i think my grapic card has gone out, get screen full of squares, and then it freezes, are they hard to replace, and at what cost?? out of warrantee!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Not a user replaceable part, take it it an Apple Store, be prepared for an expense, this is a new logic board entirely.

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    You replace the whole logic board. Generally an expensive repair if you are out of warranty. Can cost US $700 or more. However, users have reported using Apple's "Flat Rate Repair". Cost is reported to be around US $300. Not documented. Ask at an Apple store.

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    Please post the model year of your Mac. There are some that have faulty GPUs in them. Without that info we really can give you the correct advice.

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    already went, about 3/4 months agao they said one of my fans was out, and it was runing hot, so i kinda was expecting this, but didnt know if I could repair it, its a old but good machine.!!

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    The apple store said my machine was just at the cut off on age , 2007 think it was, to get the flat rate $300 repair, and I think that was only available in California.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.......was hoping for a miracle........


    shootist...this helped me, but not able to show it on the reply.....sorry....but thx


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    Simply put, it can be repaired, but not for free, take it to the Store again to find out 'how much'