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I'm not sure exactly what the warning message said, except that Windows strongly advised me to stop the install of 10.6.3.  Should I chance a 10.6.3 installation in spite of the Windows-generated strong warning?  Are other XP users having the same issue?  If I bail on install, I may have to live permanently with version  My older PC works fine and has 1GB memory and older Pentium 1.3 GHz.

iPod shuffle, Windows XP, XP SP3 on Dell Dimension 4400
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    Was that a "failed Windows logo testing" message?


    If so, on an XP system, that message suggests trouble with the Windows OS dlls associated with your Cryptographic Services.


    So, I'd first try running the Microsoft Fixit in the following Microsoft document:


    You cannot install some updates or programs

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    Thanks b noir.  I began applying your solution, got stuck, put on my tech hat on and installed 10.6.3 on my XP machine.  I may have bypassed the Windows warning, so I hope I don't have trouble later.


    1) the text of the Windows warning I mentioned above:


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

    Software Installation

    The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP.  (Tell me why this testing is important.)

    Continuing your installation of this software may impair or destabilize the correct operation of your system either immediately or in the future.  Microsoft strongly recommends that you stop this installation now and contact the software vendor for software that has passed Windows Logo testing.


    Continue Anyway                            STOP Installation

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------


    I chose STOP



    2) I manually applied the first 2 [of 11] steps in the MS Support page b noir cited, "You cannot install some updates or programs". I followed the recommended steps until I could not continue: 


      a) Set Cryptographic Services to Automatic

          - It was already set to Automatic


      b) Rename the C:\%systemroot%\system32\Catroot2 folder (Windows XP and Windows Server

           2003 only), then try to install the program again.

          - After doing this, the install would not proceed from the pop-up window entitled

            "A new version of iTunes (10.6.3) is available. Would you like to download it now?"

           - A new folder Catroot2 appeared



    3) I then put my manual install tech hat on:

         - I found the iTunes.msi [and setupadmin.exe and 2 supporting msi files] in

           the following folder:

           - C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple\Apple Software Update\ 

          - Apparently, the previous download had completed though the install had aborted.

        - I added this directory to my path, changed directory of my command prompt to this

           and ran:

           - setupadmin.exe - Not sure anything happened

           - msiexec /i iTunes.msi   --  this runs a standard install with prompts and

                                                    messages about adding/removing files,

                                                    updating registry and component registration,

                                                    registering iTunes automation server, etc.

        - I was rewarded with "Congratulations – iTunes has been successfully installed on your computer."

        - I started iTunes, found version at, and played a song.


    4) I hope 10.6.3 is compatible with Windows XP SP3 [Apple says it is with XP SP2 and above], because I did not get MS message warning of future harm.  Perhaps step b) in my section 2) above allowed the install to occur.  Or maybe it's easy to manually install iTunes and skirt the warning.


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    excellent news.


    Probably the main cause of the issue on XP systems is security DLL trouble (at least, in the iTunes context). So if you run into any similar trouble with other applications, method 3 (reregistering the dlls associated with security services) might be worth a crack.