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Is there an Internet Explorer that works with an iMac OS 10.7.4.  I need it to manage my website.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    There hasn't been a version of IE for Mac since 2002-2003.

    It you want access to Microsoft Internet Explorer, you need to use Bootcamp to create a bootable partition and install a version of Windows and access IE from being booted up to Windows.

    I have no real clue about the exact procedures for installing Windows on your iMac other than what I posted here.

    This is the only way for you to get IE.

    I don't do Windows, but somebody that runs both OS X and Windows can be of more help to you.

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    I would suggest that rather than use Boot Camp, you use one of the virtualization tools to create a Windows virtual machine.  Then you can run the VM when you need to use IE and not have to reboot.


    I started off with VirtualBox, which is free and does the job.


    I currently use Parallels, which integrates your Windows apps into your Mac desktop, which results in a more seamless experience, but it's not free.


    A lot of people also like VMware Fusion.

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    Trying VMBox - if I can figure out how to work it

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    have windows8 beta and ubuntu as virtuel machines using virtualbox it works fine for my needs

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    Virtual Box is great, and the price can't be beat


    I even have my Mom using it on her 13" MBP for that one Windows app she can't seem to get rid of.