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I've noticed a lot of people having trouble with tap to click in the forums. I don't use tap to click, but have found a really annoying behaviour since updating to Mountain Lion: with tap to click disabled, but a finger on the track pad (or two fingers on the track pad) the os will occasionally and randomly register a click without any force applied. I tend to rest my fingers on the track pad as im reading, to scroll more easily, and this behaviour has been resulting in a ton of right clicks that i didnt click through. More annoyingly, if I am moving the cursor, it will occasionally click in mid swipe. Again, this is with tap to click disabled, and not pressing hard enough to click hardware switch. Had anyone else been having this problem / have any suggestions? I've tried an SMC reset to no avail.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion, 2011 Sandy Bridge 1.8GHz 13" model