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Hello, since yesterday my ipod is not reproducing the songs that are included in it. Well, it reproduces them but they don't sound.


I press play and the song starts. You see how the time is running but you can't hear any sound, neither in 3 different headphones or with two different speakers.


It doesn't sound through headphones input or connected via dock.


Otherwise it reproduces the sound of the clickround when you navigate through it. It also sounds when it's connected to the iTunes and you play its songs.


I've made all the steps that are recommended in Apple support page and yes, I've restored the ipod not once but twice.


Thanks to anybody that can give me a hand.




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    Sounds like the audiochip on your iPod's logic board has burned out.  This seems very likely as you have already tried a restore and reset of the iPod, which would have ruled out any possibility of a software glitch or data corruption.



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    I'll have to send it to Apple I guess.

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    Glad to have helped.



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    Technically iPod logic boards can be fixed but I think it may be difficult to find someone to do this (I know this because I have bought refurbished logic boards from China (eBay)). Apple won't be able to help you because it is an old model. A solution would be to buy an old iPod with bad hard drive and swap the logic board, thats if you think you could do it yourself, there are many tutorials on Youtube & iFixit is a good website with step by step instructions on how to repair iPods. you could even buy a new logic board