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But only the old ones! I want to synch the new ones again and keep the old ones somewhere else! How?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Voice memos are synced to the Voice Memos playlist. iTunes creates the playlist if it doesn’t exist. When you sync voice memos to iTunes, they remain in the Voice Memos application until you delete them. If you delete a voice memo on iPhone, it isn’t deleted from the Voice Memos playlist in iTunes. However, if you delete a voice memo from iTunes, it is deleted from iPhone the next time you sync with iTunes.

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    please sync to your itunes before you do something.

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    Thanks, but I had deleted them from iTunes! But although they were on the iPhone again after syning! I deactivated voice memo synching now, but I'd like to have new ones synched! What could be the problem?

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    I have the same problem. I sync voice mails because I record stuff, some  of which I then want to transfer to being a regular item in iTunes. But with voice memo sync turned on, all my old voice memos keep returning after sync. I delete them on my iPhone. I delete them anywhere I can find the, but they refuse to die. I can turn off the voice mail sync but as soo as I turn it on again, so that I can transfer them off my phone, all the old memos come back.


    Three requests for apple:

    1. A way to permanently delete old sync'ed voice memos.

    2. An easy way to tranfer voice memos to the regular iTunes library, so I can put them in playlists etc. I have a procedure but it is laborious.

    3. A way to name the voice memo from the get go instead of having to rename it with a custom label after the fact.


    Thanks for listening.  .... listening.   .... listening. (repeat ad infinitum)

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    I have the same needs.

    Since you posted this almost a year ago, and I don't see a reply, I am really worried.

    Hope you found the answers somewhere.

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    I think I started a new thread.

    Hopefully one of our threads will be answered.


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    I was having the same problem as & . I've been trying to delete old voice memos off my iPhone. I have several copies of multiple voice memos in iTunes. Apparently, they duplicated every time I upgraded my phone.


    I want to keep old voice memos in iTunes and off my phone. I created a playlist "Voice Archive" in iTunes and moved the old voice memos there. I deleted them off the "Voice Memos" playlist that iTunes automatically uses for synching.


    Once I did that, I cleared off all voice memos on my phone and synced. The recently created voice memos did not come back on my phone, just the old ones.


    I have "Include Voice Memos" checked in the iphone Music tab in iTunes. In that same pane, I noticed that scrolling down beyond Playlists, Albums, Artist and Genres, there's a section "Manually Selected Songs." All the old voice memos appeared here (not the new ones) so I selected them all and clicked the "Remove" button. Then synced.


    Voila! All the old voice memos are now off my phone!


    I hope this helps someone out there...


    I agree with that Apple needs to make it easier to manage voice memos.