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Hi, I've recently updated my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion and since then my Exchange email has stopped working. I've reset all the settings and followed the original instructions from my email/web host and it comes up with an error message:


"Unable to verify account information"


It continued to work on my iPhone 4 until I set up iCloud and then it stopped there too.


Not too sure what to try now. The servers are as my email host have stated and my username and password are the same as they've always been!


Please offer any help you can, it's very frustrating!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Anyone have any help they can offer?


    Like I say I am ussing the correct Exchange server, username and password. So is there anything that has changed recently that I haven't done?

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    Sorry that I cannot give you an answer.  I am having the same problem.  I have the correct exchange settings.  I even turn off autodiscovery and set the external and internal servers to the same settings.  Mail partially works, but it will "forget" older email items when they are still in an inbox.  This is NOT an issue with iOS, so I think there is a bug in the Mail program.  I am still searching for an answer as well.  Right now I am resorting to exchange webmail on my mac.  This seems to be only a mail problem.  My calendar and tasks sync fine.