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  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    Sorry you didn't find your answer. I'm sure if there was a good simple alternative to syncing notes, someone would have posted it and still may. I have searched around and could find no other simple alternative. I don't think Apple will abandon the iTunes syncing for the other features in Mountain Lion, but who knows what the next OS will change. On the other hand, they may even add note syncing back to iTunes.


    You might want to send Apple Feedback on this:

  • Z001 Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks for searching around, Glenn. I shall do so.

  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1

    I can't believe how some of you are asking him to "go with the flow".


    Just because some of our information is "public", does not mean we want ALL of it to be!!!


    Apple either provides the option to sync without iCloud or my next computer will not be from them.

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    ZOO1 asked for any suggestions and I gave him my suggestions. I wasn't disrespectful to him and respect his desire not to use iCloud. If I knew of a solution for syncing notes in an easy manner, I would gladly give it to him.

    I believe many people don't understand what iCloud is about. It is not cloud computing where all files and data are stored on a server. So, I was expressing my opinion.


    No one is forcing anybody to update their system to the newest. I suspect that many people will stay with Snow Leopard for a long time to avoid the changes. If you think Windows isn't using servers for syncing between devices, then go with them. I surely won't lose sleep over it.


    BTW: iCloud is not "pulbic". A lot of people complain about not wanting their AB & Calendars info in iCloud because they are afraid of the cloud, an yet have their contacts & calendars in Yahoo or Google, have all their info in Facebook, & whatever. What's up with that???

    I got sad news for you. As dwb said, every aspect of your life is already in the cloud. Much more than you think.


    Instead of criticizing what what I posted, post some information to help the OP.

  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1

    I was responsing to dwb, not you.


    I don't use any of Google's cloud services, I won't use MS's either. My data stays on my devices, and only my devices.

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    Only 2 people responded recommending using iCloud. That was dwb and me. I assumed I was part of "some of you".

  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1

    Wrong choice of words. I was mostly talking about dwb's comment.

  • dwb Level 7 Level 7

    The problem is there really is no other solution than syncing from a centrally located source. Today the typical user has a computer at home and at work, accesses a public computer at school, the library, or an Internet kiosk. We have phones, tablets, and other smart devices. Syncing locally doesnt cut it any longer and you can see it in reviews of applications that share data. Lots of iOS apps offered WiFi or tethered syncing and got lambasted by users for lacking some form of Internet sharing.


    Then there are those who want to nothing to do with the cloud. What amazes me is how few of them have rational arguments. So fine, stay out of the cloud...while you can. But meanwhile you are dreaming if you think you are defending your privacy. It is a the cake

  • idontcarejustletmein Level 1 Level 1
    What amazes me is how few of them have rational arguments.


    It's called privacy. I don't want my personal notes on someone else's server.


    But meanwhile you are dreaming if you think you are defending your privacy. It is a the cake

    I don't see how I'm "dreaming". If my notes stay on my computer and my devices only, it's private. Simple as that.



    I am just going to have to stop using notes.


    Probably just wifi connect with Goodreader, direct access it's files and edit from there. PITA though.

  • crazyfr Level 1 Level 1

    You can probably find your way by creating your own cloud on a personnal server. For sure, there is a startup to create here which can sell a software, too many are complaining.


    For your iPhone, at least you will sync your Notes to your own server.

    For your Mac, you can hope that your Notes will be in a slqlite DB on your mac, so you can manage to sync them by yourself to your own server.

  • Z001 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks crazyfr. That is exactly what I am looking for. To set up a server like this on my own is probably above my capabilities, but I hope someone will pick up on the idea and develop a user friendly software as you mention.

  • Miguels family Level 1 Level 1

    Dude you don't actually need icould or the reason you can't sync is u got to much stuff

  • winglet Level 1 Level 1

    Forget privacy for a second. But perhaps a lot of people are tiring of Apple constantly taking two steps forward and three back.


    I sync everything via cable. I use IMAP email but no other form of cloud computing. Why? I live in the Middle East, I'm an airline pilot based in Dubai and so I travel a great deal, often working offline. Even at home, the internet can be a bit unreliable. So how do I sync notes now?


    "The problem is there really is no other solution than syncing from a centrally located source."


    Huh? Actually I was syncing just fine locally prior to Mountain Lion. The ironic thing is, one of the main reasons to upgrade for me was the cleaning up of several things like Notes and Reminders, taking them out of Mail (*** were they there in the first place?). But now I've had the choice to sync via the reliable old cable taken away and have to wait and wonder if they'll be pushed to my phone and iPad.


    It doesn't even make any logical sense. Why force Notes to sync via iCloud and not other services? Just another dumb waste of my time *sigh*.


    Apple is pretty smug about offering "over 200 new features" in Mountain Lion. Maybe they should include in the calculation the ones they take away, make more obscure, or move somewhere you can no longer intuitively find them. I for one will be ditching Notes altogether now, I can't be bothered to set up iCloud and all of the fiddling with settings just to do what I used to do easily with one click on the "Sync" button in iTunes.


    Apple user since 1985, set up, used and configured more Apple products that I can possibly remember. Why not just add iCloud syncing without removing existing functionality?


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  • Z001 Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree. Why does something between two of my devices has to leave the house and 'travel' through the net to distant servers (even if it is not stored there) and back. I usually use one maybe two devices at any day, the evening sync at home is perfectly enough, no need for instant updates.


    Apple used to be trend setter in all what they have done, but interestingly in the cloud business they seemed to have jumped on the bandwagon as a bit of a follower. I believe Blackberry started this (I am not in IT, I do not really care if the solutions across the different providers are not the same, for me the essence is that they force sync data through the web and third party servers) and then came others. I always passionately hated my company Blackberry device for its clumsiness in the user interface and the retrieval of info such as powerpoint attachments and all the sync issues between desktop e-mail system, not even mentioning the calendar. And now here we are, I am forced to do the same with my iPhone.


    I totally agree, Apple should allow the choice: iCloud for those who need instant sync between devices not co-located (or for those who do not mind) and allow LOCAL sync for users like us. Not rocket science.....

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Z001 wrote:


    Totally agree. Why does something between two of my devices has to leave the house and 'travel' through the net to distant servers (even if it is not stored there) and back.

    That is the same argument that was used to show that UPS's methods were wrong, look how that turned out.

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