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Susan Pelto Level 1 Level 1

I'm out roughly $7000 going to Mountain Lion.


It's a good thing I didn't toss my Snow Leopard machine.

Mac mini (Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion, 3/4 of Equipment Doesn't Work w/ML
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6

    With respect I would assume you are using these professionally - it is unwise to assume any peripheral will just work in a new OS, and the same would apply to many software products.  Is it Apple's fault that Canon/HP haven't made compatible drivers available assuming this is the issue?  Have HP/Canon decided software updates will not be made available for these devices.


    I hope you find/get a solution for Mountain Lion but not sure Apple are to blame.



  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Did you look before you complained?


    Both are supported, here's a screenshot of the drivers on Canons site, all versions of OSX supported.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 9.51.21 AM.png

    The HP is also supported but you can find that one for yourself

  • springtail Level 1 Level 1

    hey Csound,


    not sure where you were looking but on the HP site here there ain't any scanjet 5590 drivers for osx 10.8...


    Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 4.22.02 PM.png

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Look again, be creative, stop whining.

  • springtail Level 1 Level 1

    read my post again, be cool, stop condescending


    i'm just after the driver - not the hp software...the driver. 


    from what i can tell, it's not yet available...i can scan using hp software, but i want to scan using other software. 

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8

    The link to the Lion drivers is on the bottom of the page you posted. There should be no changes necessary for Mountain Lion.

  • ShlomiL Level 3 Level 3

    What other software are you using?

    Does it use Twain or ICA interface?


    Did you installed the latest 10.6 software online and then the 10.7 patch by following the steps below?




  • springtail Level 1 Level 1

    Hi John and Shlomi...thanks for messaging!


    Tried to fix the and did the install with 10.7 patch on the 10.6 software but i keep getting this message...

    Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 1.18.10 AM.png

    Followed the error message's suggested actions but no dice.


    In terms of using another software, I haven't been able to add the scanner under Printers and Scanners in the System Preferences because the computer doesn't "find" it...


    I think I might just have to hold out - HP has said:


    "The HP Scanjet software update will be available for supported products on www.hp.com/go/support in early Fall 2012.

    In the meantime, you can use the OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) AND the OS X 10.7 (Lion) drivers and software until the Mountain Lion update becomes available."

  • ShlomiL Level 3 Level 3

    Thank you for clarifying.


    Did you installed the latest v10.6 software or installed the patch over your existing software?


    The patch is only instended for the latest software published on the site and will fail if you use an older software..


    If you isntalled the software a while ago or used the original CD I would highly recommend you to uninstall the software by following the HP uninstaller, then install the latest software and run the patch.


    Hope that helps,


  • peepdurple Level 1 Level 1

    I downloaded these drivers and I can see the printer,and even print to it, as long as I don't want anything other than 8.5 x 11 plain paper. There is another app for loading the media, but no matter what I do, when I launch the app to load the media descriptions, it can't find the printer. I tried the network and also a direct USB connection, but the app doesn't see the printer, even though it is clearly visible when I bring up printers and scanners in the system prefs. Canon support told me to uninstall everything and reinstall, but I am sure there is more to it than just trashing the apps and the driver. Where else would I look?