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Is there an easy to way to import books on cd into itunes without having to transfer each track to a folder?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.0.1
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    no thats how one import audio from cd's

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    Not sure what you mean.


    Put the CD in the drive and open iTunes - the CD should appear in the playlists with a list of tracks.


    What iTunes will do with them depends on how the tracks are named. If the names are all different (chapter names often are) they'll be imported to seperate folders because iTunes thinks they're different 'songs'.


    Two ways around this; before importing, change the track names so that the tracks all start with the name of the book; e.g. 'Solidus chap.1, Solidus chap.2' etc.

    When done, select all the tracks and right click on them, choose 'get info' go to the options tab and check 'part of a gapless album'


    If you don't want to change the names, check 'part of a compilation' instead.


    Put the author's name in the Artist field. (you can change multiple tracks simultaneously using the 'get info' window if the entries are all identical).


    Check out the other options under the 'info' tab - you may want to refine the entries.


    When you click 'import' it should now place all the tracks in one folder under the author's name.

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    How I import Audiobooks CDs into the new iTunes 11: 1.     Open iTunes 2.     Go to Edit -> Preferences -> General – make sure books is checked – in drop down menu make sure Show    CD is selected – next to that is import settings 3.     Click on import settings and select AAC encoder from the dropdown menu – then select spoken podcast from the next drop down menu – make sure the use error correction when reading audio CDs is unchecked 4.     Then click OK to import settings -> Click OK under General Preferences 5.     Now insert CD in drive 6.     iTunes will automatically recognize the Audiobook CD – it may have multiple options to choose from for the same CD, just choose the one you think best resembles your Audiobook CD.  If it does not recognize your Audiobook CD then you will have to enter the information.   a.     If iTunes does recognize the CD follow the instructions below anyway because you will probably have to correct or erase some of the information. 7.     To enter information click on CD Info on the top right corner of your screen.  A box will appear – enter the Author, Name of Book, and what # CD you are importing.  For example, if you are importing the first CD enter 1 of ? -> Also make sure to place the total # of CDs in the Audiobook in the box next to your 1.  (It is a very important step – and – make sure each CD has IDENTICAL information in this screen or you will have multiple disorganized files for one Audiobook) 8.     Now select Spoken & Audio from the drop down menu under Genre 9.     Click OK -> you should now  see all the information you entered 10.     Highlight/Select all the tracks from the CD -> then go to the options tab in your top right corner next to the CD info tab.  RIGHT click and you will see the option Join CD Tracks, choose this.  If you do not see Join CD Tracks then you did something wrong.  (Most likely all of the tracks are not highlighted/selected). Re-read the instructions and make sure you followed them all correctly. 11.     You should now see all the tracks connected with a bracket.  12.     Now click on Import CD in the top right corner -> the import settings screen will pop up – just click OK 13.     CD will import 14.     Follow steps 5-12 for the remaining CDs in your Audiobook  15.     After all the CDs are imported > go your Music section (this is where you will find your Audiobook) 16.     RIGHT click on the Audiobook > select Get Info from the menu 17.     Now select the options tab from this menu and select Audiobook from drop down menu next to Media Kind (this will move the file from Music to Books in iTunes) 18.     Go to Books and click on the Audiobook -> 1 track per CD imported should show 19.     Right click on the first track > select Get Info 20.     In the Info window go to Track Number __ of __  and erase the track information (not the Disc Numbers, just the Track Numbers) -> click OK 21.     Repeat this step for each track(CD) in your Audiobook.  When finished each track should be in order.  If you have multiple files and/or your tracks are not in order try to manipulate the files in the Info windows to be exactly the same for each track.  This usually works, however there are times when it does not matter what I do the Audiobook has 2 files.  I just transfer it to my iPod as a playlist and place