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I was watching netflix through my AppleTV 2. In the middle of the movie, The picture faded out. I had to restart the apple tv,

After restarting, the remote will not work. I can reset my apple tv with the remote, but it will not scroll or select.

I have tried resetting all electronics but nothing seems to work. Any advice??

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.6.8), itunes 10.5.2
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    Same thing going on with me.  I updated my Apple TV (3rd Gen) to 5.1 today.  It was working perfectly and then I tried watching something a couple hours later and I couldn't scroll or select with the remote.  I restarted iTunes, my Mac, the Router, and the Apple TV multiple times.  It keeps doing the same thing.  I can't even push content via AirPlay.  It's dead in the water for now.

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    My update downloaded and installed.  When it restarted, I am blessed with a screen telling me "What's New" and a "Continue" button on the bottom.  Problem is, I cannot click the Continue button.  It does nothing for me.  The white light on the Apple TV registers the button press, but nothing happens.  After a few minutes, the Apple TV restarts and begins the process again.


    I've restarted it (Holding in the Menu and Play/Pause button" and I've unplugged it several times, waiting upwards of five minutes before pluggin it in.  It still just takes me to the "What's New" screen and doesn't allow me to go any further.


    What a great update.  My $99 Apple TV is now worthless.



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    Son of a B.  I read in another forum about restoring the Apple TV using a micro USB.  Sure enough (and SUPER tiny) there is a micro USB port under the HDMI slot.  I'm restoring the Apple TV now in iTunes.


    I hope it works.



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    To all of you that can't use your Apple TV since you updated it......

    I downloaded an app for my iPhone called REMOTE, that is the only way that I can use my Apple TV. By using the iPhone as the remote.

    I hope this can help you people that also use iPhones.

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    Thank you so much for this hugely helpful tip.  I think I have to do a restore on the apple tv when I get the mini usb cable but in the meantime, thanks to your tip, I have netflix.  The apple iphone remote works great.  YEA for you , you saved the day!

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    i had the problems and searched the WHOLE EARTH CATALOG   and didnt found the answer. but i have found it.


    i had changed the appletv video settings to output in 1080p 50hz. if you change it back to 1080p 60hz, then you will have smooth scrolling, and the press and hold effekt and reordering the apps on the homescreen will work again.