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I have a 10.6.8 Server that was configured as an Open Directory Server and while turning my kids' account permissions back on, I ended up getting some errors.  After I got the errors, I could no longer connect to the workgroup manager using the diradmin login.  I kept getting the error that the login was incorrect.


I was trying to figure out how to recover the Open Directory and I ended up converting the server to a standalone server (no open directory).


Things were going okay. I had the server back, but I didn't have my network users.  So, I tried to re-create the open directory, which of course failed.


After that failed, I was no longer able to connect to the server using the Server Admin app.


I guess my question is this:  Is there a way to reconfigure the server without having to entirely reload the server?


When I was working on Sun Machines, they used to have a "system unconfigure", which would basically reset the server infomation and then the server could be setup again after a reboot.


Is there anything like that on Mac OS Server 10.6.8?


Thanks for any pointers.