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    I updated Firefox (also applied OSX 10.8.1 update). When I restarted Firefox a warning came up stating that Microsoft Silverlight has created known instabilities and vulnerabilities in systems, and it automatically turned it off (at least in Firefox).


    Since then I've begun turning off plugins in both Firefox and Safari. You have to remove Silverlight manually in Library/Internet Plugins/ and also in Library/receipts/. I might be imagining it, but I think I'm seeing more stability.

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    Mine too, my curser opens everything as it passes over, everything freezes, I thought I had a virus but my mac keeper tells me not...when I can get in that is.    I can hardly use my mac at all.   The only change I have made recently is to download and install mountain lion.    Sent a bug fix to apple but no response, so now having to use my PC laptop for any major stuff. IPhone & iPad for day to day.  I'm stumped

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    I have a 2010 IMac and since upgrading to Mountain lion, iphoto and itunes constantly freeze and I get non responding in force quit! I have lost photos from past year in iphoto and music not appearing in itunes! At a loss for what to do at this point! My iphone isn't syncing what i say to sync in itunes. PLEASE Fix apple!! I usually wait to upgrade to new system but thought this one was out longer than it was. Regretting now!!!

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    I had the same problem on a macbook Pro bought in 2010.

    I have made a full fresh reinstall from scratch of Mountain Lion and problem is gone...


    A bit rude, but it works.

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    I'm having what sounds like the same problem on my 24" early 2009 iMac.  Started happening after I upgraded to 10.8.  Screen flickers, sometimes distorts, then completely freezes.  I can still move my mouse but can't interact with anything on the screen. I have to do a hard reboot which makes me nervous every time.  It has occured immediately after waking from the screen saver, other times just a few minutes after I turn the iMac on. 

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    I think the main culprit is non-stock screen savers that don't play nice with the OS. I've had a lot of the problems go away (not all) by switching to an Apple written screen saver such as Flurry. For some reason not everything comes out of the new sleep routine once activated. I've noticed this first by clicking on Mission Control and finding that it is usually stuck also. Others have had some luck also by switching screen savers.

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    Same problem here, I also thought it was related to a 3rd party screen saver, but now flickering occurs any time now, not only when the screen saver is running.

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    There is nothing related to 3rd party screen savers. If you read my posts, including the first one, here is my personal advice: do not insist in rumning your system with this problems, just copy all your stuff and do a fresh install.


    Read the initial posts and you will see that my iMac turned into a brick after about 2 weeks.

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    While nuking your OS may have helped you, it has not helped everybody. Apple designs the OS to work, but they can't always know what every combination of 3rd party software that each machine might have installed. Especially ones that run in the background. Therefore, it is very reasonable to turn these off, it has helped me.


    I would ask your patience. If not, you could always click 'this solved my problem' and end the discussion. While the discussion may have begun with you, your's is not the only concern. Different problems can have similar symptoms.

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    Sorry if I made myself somehow misunderstood. I understand what you mean but, if (and only if) someone are in the same sequence of symptoms, this person should get worried on getting the same end result that others (including me) had described in their posts. Since this end result has no return point other than taking it back to the store. Just to summarize, here is my case:


    1. Updated Lion to Mountain Lion
    2. iMac '11 started to freeze about once or twice a day (only way to get it back to work was was to hold power button)
    3. After a couple of days it was freezing about 4 to 6 times a day
    4. Almost a week after de update, my screen started to "gently" flicker
    5. Soon the screen flickering got worst and it started to get distorted. Something like this video but moving from top to bottom. Again, holding the power button and then turning it on again was the only way to get it back.
    6. Almost two weeks after the update, after holding de power button again, my iMac didn't come back to life, not completely. When I turned it on again I heard the DVD drive check (as usual) then nothing happens. The screen went completely black, with no signs of any activity. When that happened I lost all access to my iMac, with no possibility of even (blindly) booting it from another media (eg. usb drive)


    What I had tried:


    • Just after the event 2 (above): disabled a 3rd party software called RowRemote Helper
    • After event 3: disabled Skype (the only 3rd party software still running)
    • After event 4: "Hold Shift key in boot and use it. It deletes temporary data" as suggested by mende1 in an early post.


    From event 5 to 6 I was searching for a solution other than a fresh install. Too late.


    The softwares I was using (not all at the same time): Aperture, Safari, XCode, iTunes, Message, Mail, Pages and Keynote.


    So, what I mean in my last post is this: if you are experiencing the same sequence of symptoms, take care, and consider to getting back to Lion until this issues are solved. By solved I mean: identification of the cause of the problem and a solution (or workaround) for it.


    I don't mean: if your Mac is freezing make a fresh install.


    Patience: I'm allowed to have it because I have another mac and a full backup of the one that got briked. But what about others that may not be so lucky about having a backup or other mac to work on, or even having a Apple Store near their place? So, I'm not mad, just seriously worried about a really serious problem from a software update that even affect the hardware turning it unusable.


    As soon as I solve this problem (consider a IF here), I'll post again and, then, I'll be glad to click "this solved my problem". If someone come up with a solution I'll click it too, for sure.


    No offence taken. My best regards.

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    From Italy - HELP

    I had the sequence of problems on my i7 purchased in June. after 5 phone calls with apple, my mac turns off after 5 seconds ...... are very .... tired and worried

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    Good news from the front! An Apple technician just told me that they had reseted the SMC and the PRAM and my iMac came back to life.


    Instructions on how to reset the SMC:

    Instructions on how to reset the PRAM:


    If they didn't omit anything, this was the solution to my case. And yes, as soon as I got my hands on my iMac again I'll make a fresh install of Mountain Lion.


    Thanks for your help!


    Best regards.

  • Grahber Level 1 (5 points)

    Following a visit to the apple store, where they checked my iMac for me it has transpired that my issue appears to be the fault of my TrackPad malfunctioning!  After all that!!

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    UPDATE: yeah, they did omit something: besides the SMC and PRAM reset they replaced my video card.

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    My 27" iMac is doing the same thing! Only after Mountain Lion.