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Three days back all my iTunes radio stations in my radio playlist quit working.  All the stations for which I had copy-pasted or downloaded URLs (from stations' own websites, ShoutCast, etc.) continued to work and still work.  So I went to iTunes Radio and clicked a genre triangle to expand it to get the station streaming URL anew and got a message: "An error occurred while contacting . . . Check your internet connection or try again later."  No genre triangle expands successfully any more.


None of this ever happened before; it's the first time I'm experiencing this.


Keeping in mind that all other radio stations and streaming audio URLs still work perfectly, I wonder if Apple changed something three days back so that those of us on old iTunes (iTunes 4 here) can't access it or whether my ISP has placed a block on iTunes? 




Mac OS X (10.4.11)
Solved by Deborah Terreson on Aug 12, 2012 8:12 AM Solved

Yeaaaah. there's something going on with this.. My iTunes 2.0.4 running under OS 9 isn't getting any station updates and the Radio lists are empty. Can still play the links I get from websites directly though. Ermmm.


I hit a web-radio forum and it could be that Apple is upping the ante in the radio stream listing game - and is only going for high-bitrate AAC encoded stations and has changed their listing priorities, or they have gone and done away with the access for older versions of iTunes completely. Then again, it could be some weird DNS thing.. Don't know. It was only a matter of time before this hit the wall. You CAN still find listings aplenty if you hit the Shoutcast website. A bit of a long way 'round approach but still functional.. Also the MIT Radio-locator is up still and that has terrestrial stations that you can try for as well.


KDS, I can see that you're running Tiger, so you can upgrade iTunes and so far, the version running in my living room computer (A G4 with Tiger) is not having any problems with the radio tuner.


Here's the link to update iTunes for the last version that will work in 10.4.11..