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I've tried adding iCloud Mail to my BlackBerry device. Successful, but there was another problem. iCloud Mail on my BlackBerry device can only send mail to. Unable to receive mail. For additional info, I also add iCloud Mail on my iPhone. And functioning normally. Is iCloud Mail do not work on two devices at once? Or should there more settings I need to do? For anyone who knows the solution, please let me know. Thank you.

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    You should probably ask in a Blackberry device support forum for how to setup an email account on a Blackberry device.


    Here are the mail server settings you'll need: iCloud: Mail server information

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    Hi there,


    I tried using the settings from the link Julian provided, however I cannot get the mails to work.


    I just got my business mobile phone, a BlackBerry Z10 and wanted to add my iCloud services in the personal workspace. The contacts and calendar syncs just fine, however when adding the mail I get this error message:


    "command: b'CAPABILITY' => socket error:-Too many read 0"


    Also when trying to add the mail account as a standard IMAP account, entering all settings according to Apple, I still get the error message once it wants to "saving and verifying your settings". I also tried various combinations of smtp ports (587, 25), SSL and StarTLS. Using username with or without the @me.com. Using @icloud.com instead @me.com,... etc. etc. Always get this error message.


    Then I though perhaps the administrators blocked this functionality, however I was able to add my personal gmail account, which wouldn't have been the case if they would block private mails.


    Any help highly appreciated!


    Thanks, Christoph