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using the thnderbolt to vga adapter, I have to unplug and replug the connection to get my disply to "wake up"  What's the deal?  otherwise works fine.

Same on initial boot up

Mac mini
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    First try > Resetting your Mac's PRAM


    There have also been others reporting problems with analog VGA connected monitors. If your monitor also supports DVI, then you may want to use the supplied HDMI to DVI adapter or switch to a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter and a good DVI cable.

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    I can confirm the analog VGA issue.  I have a 2012 Mac Mini server with the Thunderbolt to VGA adapter.  When I reboot my Mini with the adapter connected the Mini gets stuck in a rapid restart loop that I can only stop by pulling the power cord.  The Mini chimes about once ever second when stuck in the loop never getting to the grey apple.


    However, if I reboot without the VGA adapter plugged in the Mini restarts just fine.  I then plug the adapter back in and everything seems fine.