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I'm looking into some strange behavior for a Mac lab at a college that I work at. While investigating several other issues, I've come across several warnings (being emailed from our XSan controlloer) saying that the servers IPv4 addresses are changing. We have 2 servers using Gigabit Ethernet for metadata, operating in the range, and all of the lab machines are using that same range for ethernet, however, all machines also use wifi to connect to an Airport Extreme for wider campus access and Internet, operating in the 172.16.1.x range. The servers keep sending errors stating that "IPv4 address has changed from '' to ''" and a similar message for the other server, using it's ip addresses. Then a few days later, I'll get another message warning that they've changed back! Both servers are only reachable by a couple of computers. The servers cannot communicate with the SANs or each other.


Any ideas one where the problem may lie with this?