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I have turned on the Apple TV option via Airplay but the toggle to turn on Mirroring doesnt appear in my Itunes on my computer. I have a 2nd generation Apple TV with up to date software and an IMAC computer version 10.7.4 with up to date software. Any help?

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    AirPlay Mirroring requires a second-generation Apple TV or later, and is supported on the following Mac models: iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer).


    Several Apple Articles Regarding AirPlay


    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen)- How to use AirPlay Mirroring

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    Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring

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    I bought my IMAC in May of 2012 and my Apple TV is second generation. I checked for any software updates on both devices and neither require them. Via ITunes on my IMAC I see the button and can turn on Airplay for AppleTV but the toggle button to switch on mirrioring doesnt appear.

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    Mac OS X

    For the avoidance of doubt, are you referring to mirroring or basic airplay from iTunes.

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    Airplay is turned on but the Mirroring option doesnt appear. I want to mirror my screen from my IMAC to my Apple TV.

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    Exactly the same happens to me - New IMac, new Apple TV, works from my IPhone, but not from the IMac. I have done more research for this than I did for my PhD and am convinced it is an issue that nobody understands. Lots of people struggling, judging from the user groups. But after all the available answers have been investigated still nothing works - No, it is not that Airplay is not turned on, No, it is not that any of the hardware is too old, No, it is not that I am not connected to the network, No, it is not that the OS is ancient...


    Shame on you, Apple!

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    Benny.Girl is showing OS X 10.7.5 and no matter how updated OS X 10.7 is it does not support airplay mirror it has to be 10.8.  Do you definately have the new OS X 10.8?

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    You know - I think that must be it. I get lost in all the versions and updates of OS X, and I do not yet have 10.8. I have not seen that stated clearly as a requirement anywhere, Apple just say it requires the latest software. I should have realised they meaqnt the version that costs money, not the one that came with my IMac, well after the AirPlay feature was being flogged - silly me!


    But thank you, I shall have to fork out and download. Good thing I hadn't got round to buying a new modem...

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    Mirror was a key feature of Mountain Lion.  A third party app called air parrot will Mirror and costs about 10 bucks if you really don't want ML!

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    Yes, OK but - it seems to me that when a new software item is launched Apple has a history of singing the most exuberant praises to the latest capability they now have developed and only after demand has reached boiling-point do they, gradually, hint that you actually need to upgrade in order to take advantage of their new trinket. And - yes,... - well,, you know - you may have to, under certain circumstances, actually, in fact pay, you know...money...  That strikes me as dishonest, and links up with a very basic corporate strategy. First you lure them onto the caroussel, then you charge them. ITunes, for instance, is not for listening to music but for buying stuff - from Apple! Air Play and Home sharing is very strategically developed and limited in order to enable people in the Windows camp to include Apple items in their setups, but never to make it feasible for Apple users to jump ship and go for Windows Media Center or Android phones.


    Yes, Mirror was a key feature of Moubntain Lion. Less key was that it would not work with anything less.


    The strange thing is that since I switched from Windows rto Apple a few months ago I find myself at every turn a little more disillusioned by Apple and a little less inclined to act from any form of loyalty or trust - rather than what I expected, more and more confidence in the new environment where everyting is taken care of and solutions are part and parcel of this excellent colour-coordinated universe.


    And yes, I could buy Air Parrot, I guess, and it might work. But then again it might not. And at the next juncture I'd find myself having to make the choice again - paying to stay abreast of new developments and media or standing my ground and patching up my trusted set-up with another piece of gum...and another...and another...


    The price of Mountain lion is higher, but not that much higher, and I have to trust(?) that after that upgrade everything will work. If not I'll just have to look around for another...isn@t there something called Leopard?

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    Mirror is a completely new feature with Mountain Lion.  It is not as if anyone is forcing you and Apple is not unusual for getting people to buy a new feature.  It isn't an upgrade it is a new OS.  Nothing you have stops working unless you buy the new product, it just means you don't get the new stuff.


    There is a (snow) Leopard out there.... but you may find it a bit retro to say the least!  Always time machine before an upgrade, I never trust everything will work after upgrades, once bitten etc!


    Hope you enjoy the mirror when you get it, it is pretty cool.



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      Model Name:          iMac

      Model Identifier:          iMac11,3

      Processor Name:          Intel Core i5

      Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz

      Number of Processors:          1

      Total Number of Cores:          4

      L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB

      L3 Cache:          8 MB

      Memory:          4 GB


    Unable to get airplay mirroring to work from my iMac. I bought my GF a Airbook and the icon shows up at the top of her laptop no problem.  We are all connected to the same network. I am very technical (Have worked technical support for 10+ years and I am at a loss to figure out


    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I think your model is Mid 2010, iMac has to be mid 2011 or newer to support mirroring.  Simply your hardware does not support it.  If I am wrong on the model id confirm you have Montain Lion OS X 10.8 or newer.





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    I am @ 10.8.2, but after further research, I believe you are right 11,3 does look to be too old. I should have done better research. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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    There is a third party app called airparrot which can 'mirror' to apple tv on older Macs.  It is 10 dollars and worth a look.