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Hi all,


I have a new MBP Retina, which came with Lion, but which I immediately upgraded to Mountain Lion.  I'm a long-time Mac user, and I love this new one, but the Dock is behaving strangely.  After using the computer for a while, programs no longer get marked as "running" with the little light under them in the dock.  In addition, the right-click menu for that program shows "Open", not "Quit", even though the program is already running.  This behavior continues until I reboot.  Then the Dock works correctly for a while, but eventually reverts to the problem.


Lest you think I'm crazy, I took a screen shot that clearly shows the light under Mail, but _not_ under Safari, even though the screen shot shows that Safari is open.  Further, you can see that the right-click option is to "Open" Safari, not quit it.  You can see the screen shot at http://flic.kr/p/cQtbcf


Any suggestions, other than very Windows-like rebooting multiple times a day?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion