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I wanted one track from a Stan Getz album--"Jazz Giants '58."   The tune was "Chocolate Sunday," one of 5 tracks, but iTunes made me pay for the entire album and download all 5 tracks.  They all downloaded successfully, EXCEPT the track I wanted, which cut out after 21 secs (the whole track was 10 min, 7 secs).


I'm wondering if iTunes store possibly mixed in the "sample" track with the complete tracks on the album.  And, if so, what I can do about it.


I'm also wondering why iTunes showed two identical images of the album with two identical programs (the same 5 tracks for each).  I saw no "monaural" vs. "stereo," early edition vs. recent edition dates, or Verve (the original label) vs. another re-issuer of the same album.  I'd be happy to try downloading the song from both albums, but not if I have to download the entirety of both albums (10 bucks a pop), with no guarantee.


I reported the incident to iTunes and was sent this link.  Not the most reassuring service (I could have saved money by purchasing the CD from Amazon--and moreover had the tune I was after.)

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