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Hello everyone, i just purchased time capsule and ultimately would like to use it to connect to internet and to back up files to it from my macbook pro to later play them on my apple tv. How do i set it up exactly for best performance results, ive read a few threads about time capsule but cant find exact information about how to set up time capsule.... I currently have att wifi router that i think id like to replace with time capsule as my router to connect to the internet, is that good idea? or should i just bridge my time capsule with my current router? would that give me better speed performance to later access files on apple tv? Sorry im really an amature with computers so dont know what im doing here, thanks!

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    I have an AT&T UVerse Gateway/Router/Access Point myself.  I am looking at getting a TC soon.  I currently have (2) MBP, (2) ATV2, and an iMac.


    I am looking at setting this up the same way as you are.  However, you cannot use the TC with your ATV.  I am assuming you will want to stream data from your TC to your ATV?  You cannot do that.  You can stream your iTunes Library but it has to come from a computer. 


    I currently have a (3TB) Buffallo NAS Drive.  It is setup and configured to backup via Time Machine.


    When i get my TC, I will use it solely for TM Backups.  I will keep my Bufallo NAS setup as my Media Server streaming to my JB ATV2.


    As for setting it up with AT&T, I've read that you will want to turn off the Wireless Network on the AT&T Modem and use the TC for your wireless network needs.  You should connect a cat5 cable from your AT&T Unit to the WAN Port of the TC.  Everything will go through your TC and your AT&T Router is just for the internet connection.  The TC is wireless "N" versus the AT&T wireless "G" so your wireless backups should be faster than going through your AT&T Router's Wireless network.


    Hope this helps.


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    Yes what i was planning to do is copy files from my macbook pro onto time capsule and then add them to my itunes library, that way i just have them on my library, keep my laptop on and go to my computers on the atv2 and stream them that way, so i guess i am kind of streaming them from my time capsule via macbook pro onto apple tv2

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    oh and thanks about the att wifi modem, ill just run everything thru my the time capsule then and see how it works?