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I need to publish my iCal to my class website, but it is no longer publishing.  I have done this for years, but now the function is not available.  How do I publish my calendar on my website?  What has changed in the last couple of months?

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    Unfortunately apparently Apple has.  Publishing Calendars and PhotoGalleries have gone the way of the DODO bird as far as I can tell with the iCloud.  Who cares that these key features were staples used widely by the pre-i mac users? 

    Utterly unimpressive is the subscription function, which is too complex for most PC users to accomplish and even Mac users don't like having subscription crap mixed in amongst their personal agendas in iCal.  Don't even get me started on photostream. 

    Last check your photos timed out wether or not you wanted them to so CHECK EM NOW, cuz even though the entire CONCEPT of photography is to save a moment in time the disposable generation driving development at Apple these days seems to have no sense of history or photography for that matter.  Not to mention just shuttling off every **** photo you snap to the ether.   For way too long a time, you couldn't even delete individual pix. VERY SLOPPY and INELEGANT replacements for key features used by the loyal DotMac user base.

    As far as Jerry-Rigging a Calendar into a webpage goes I have seen some mutterings online about using CalDAV with some Google solution.  Save us all if we have to depend on Google to get the most basic Mac Staples functioning on the internet going forward.